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new face :)
Sabtu, 21 Januari 2012 | 5:43 PG | 0 blackmail

assalammualaikum / anyong :)
//big smile to all stalker ! . lets start with our topic today . aku nak say big tengs to my chingu leya kpopers cos da edit kan blog aku . tenkieu beb .

nothing special with this entry . just nak story sikit pasal blog akuh ni ha ! . blue rite . actually aku mnat wane purple . ntah kenape si budak leya ni letak tema blue plak . but dont wory . its nice . realy nicer . korang nmpak ta , aku pnye blog ni bnyak gmbar Shinee . yes you rite im kpoper and im Shawol . dlm kumpulan nihh aku ske sngat dekat Min Ho sebab dia hensem . siyes . nahh tngok picture nihh

Omg . hensem rite ?

ok . what do u think ? hensem plus cute . idea habes . done update . see you later .

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